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The Fillegred Essence of becoming Cumulous


The cloth series is brought to a stunningly beautiful conclusion with "The Fillegred Essence of Becoming Cumulous". While being a completely modern painting it's beauty harkens thoughts of Bougeureau, Raphael, and Bernini. The wind-ruffled dress and lace are becoming cumulous clouds as the clouds are in turn becoming lace and fabric. This action depicts the subject's oneness with her world, her ability to know no bounds, and to feel the space between her molecules. 

The expression on her face says it all, as she grasps with her right hand, and then becomes, one with the clouds. 

Personally, I love this painting because it conveys a feeling I have tried so many times to relate. It is the ecstasy of life and being one with everything. To truly appreciate its full meaning you should read the descriptive page of the Cloth Series here;

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