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Transition states, the fabric series


Gravity can be Escaped, By Realizing You are Atmosphere

In a large majority of the work I have done, I have attempted to convey the idea and the feelings beyond emotion related to a further understanding of Dali's Nuclear Mysticism. Quite simply this is to feel the space between your molecules, to know you are not solid, and that as humans we are relegated to what our senses make us believe. At an atomic scale the space between our atoms is similar to that of space between stars in the galaxies. While these size realities are difficult to fathom, if you can imagine that the boundaries to our own bodies are at the skin and that skin is full of space, with the nothingness of space throughout that skin and our entire system, it is not so hard to imagine that we are more fluid than solid and that our mass flows through space as space flows through it. 

In this series of paintings, I have employed fabric to act as a transition state between our bodies and the air, or more specifically, clouds, which because of the density of moisture in them, also appear to be solid, but better represent our own true nature.

All of these paintings have some aspect of them generated with AI, with a command similar to something like "Storm Clouds turning into fabulous drapery" Pieces of the compositions were generated utilizing the very latest in Computer Imagery. 

While AI images are highly controversial at the moment, I sincerely feel that artists should always embrace technology. Utilizing AI images to inspire artwork to me is the same as Leonardo using water stains on plaster walls, or Raphael using clouds. It is all the same process, and previous to AI I used fractal generation to inspire my compositions (and still do). So now there is one more weapon in the artist's arsenal to compose the images of their desire.

In these works, I also wanted to convey that we are not good judges of scale based on our own size and senses and that being part of the world and space as space itself flows through you resets the size at which you actually exist. So I have employed landscapes to enhance the sense of scale and stature in the world around us.

Love is in the Air

Cristo's Dream and My Self Portrait are the last paintings to be created before the finale of the series was painted. Working with cloth in these paintings could not help but bring me to the whimsy Christo had in wrapping Statues, bridges and even islands. I immediately came to the conclusion that if he had the ability, wrapping the Milky Way would have been his penultimate achievement. Here the force of the universe shredding the cloth makes for both an abstract and beautiful image, full of wonder and expansion of thought.

My self-portrait, relates not only to the space between the atoms of my head and brain but to my studies of Nietzche and his ubermensch, where it can be thought that the normal cranium could not contain the amount of knowledge of the Ubermensch. Here AI again will bring this reality to our beings by chip implants into our brains that can wirelessly access the latest versions of CHAT GPT and undreamed of databases.


Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Self Portrait with Turbin of Clouds


Cristo's Dream, Wrapping the Milky Way


The interior of birds bones perhaps depicts the perfect form of the invisible universe, which includes rhinocerotic and molecular forms to construct and depict even a sense of string theory 

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