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Four Thoughts

( A series of paintings depicting the neural output of modern thought)



In 2014 I wrote and created a 3D short film that brought the viewer inside the brain to witness how thoughts create geometric and fractal shapes withing the neural networks. It is my firm belief that this magical and wondrous manifestation of design occurs perhaps thousands of times a second as our thoughts evolve and morph into something more concrete or dissolve into something entirely new. These four examples depict either a thought or a condition. The method of discovery in there works again was utilizing techniques Lee Griggs developed for the Arnold renderer. Each of these depictions were constructed utilizing volume renders with textures projected into them, creating three dimensional geometry to depict each condition or thought. This small series will act as a reference for a future series of like paintings which will depict the thought of the ubermench.





"The Galactic Focus Caused by Meditation"

"The Effect of Nature on the Neural System"

"The Erosion of Dementia"

"The Effects of Gravity and the Ocean
on the Neral Network"

Each individual is the center of their own universe. This personal universe takes the form of celestial spiral galaxies when you meditate. The focus and the emptying of thought forms your personal galaxy. The absence of thought is represented by the space between stars and star clusters, and the focus of the meditation forms the inward spiral that centers and focuses the individual in meditation. Here a fractal forms the spiral that centers your being This painted showed me how dreds help in this exercise. 




Dementia is an insidious erosion of the neural network that allows you to form thought. The network of synapsis that forms the fractal and geometric architecture of thought has broken down. There are not just holes in the web, but furrows, that redirect and break the formation of concrete geometry. Even what can form is muted, and gelatinous. While its depiction  has beauty, the erosive power of time and chemistry leave the mind in a state that does not serve its body.




In the book "The Nature Fix" by FLorence WIlliams, the scientific evidence is presented of how nature effects the mind, your thoughts and mental condition. Widespread research has been done in the far east on this topic, with Japan having actual forests and parks put aside specifically for bringing ones self back to a better place due to nature. The fractal forms found in the forest, along with the scents, sounds and creatures, form a particularly pleasing and rejuvenating set of neural patterns. THe effect is so profound and well documented it is becoming mandatory for factory workers in Japan.




SItting at the beach, or at a lake, taking in the blues of the reflective quality of water, and the waves caused by currents and gravity, like the forest, also produce a profound effect on the brain and the neural system.NOt surprisingly the color and forms of what is predominant in these settings form the morphing waves of neurons, which along with the chemicals created by this scene mimic what your visual impulses bring to your consciousness. Here is the real reason you like to go to the beach, for the fractal waves that calm and connect you to the world about you.




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