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Neural Suspension of Consciousness, the Dream


Neural Suspension of Consciousness, The Dream depicts a figure, covered in the complexity of life imaged by dragon flame fractals. that is both terrified in a freefall, and in ecstasy at the same time. The figure is suspended in the Neural network, which is also producing the dream. Suspended about the figure and neural network are molecules of chemicals produced in the brain such as oxytocin. The entire scene occurs within the walls of the cranium. While Dali and Freud worked on what the dream was, I have advanced the process to depict the functions that produce the state. 

Here I am introducing the viewer into a world not normally envsioned or imagined, to allow them to identify with the miracle and complexity of your own brain, thought process, and in this case The Dream. Thhe body of the dreamer is covered in an intese network o of logarythmic spirals and fluid dispersion known in the fractal world as a flame dragon. It describes the complexity of our own physiology, and how it relates to the complexity of our own brain and neural system.

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