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The Triumph of Intellect

 (second title "Welcome to my World")






The "Triumph of Intellect" is the title piece of a one man show I will have at the Kershner Gallery in the Fairfield, CT Public Library from November  19 - Dec 31st, 2016. This is my second show at the Fairfield Library. The first show, named "The Traumaticism of Birth" which opened in 1972 while I was working with Salvador Dali, documented both my birth into the world and my birth into the art world. The 1972 show featured surrealist paintings heavily influenced by the master with whom  I worked, with some deviations of my own design. This new show, "The Triumph of intellect" following approximately 43 years later, will exhibit the Continuity and Evolution of both Surrealism and Nuclear Mysticism. It also introduces Mathemysticism to the general public. Mathemysticism is the "ism" within the art world which depicts the divine through mathematics. I see it as a logical extension of Dali's Nuclear Mysticism. 

This new painting, "The Triumph of Intellect" is loosely based on a painting I was working on in the 70's which was halted by Dali because I was not supposed to work on my own projects as he wanted all my time to be working on his assignments. This unfinished painting titlesd"Anguish" can be seen below. It builds on the Dalinian themes of cavities, and pockets, but the pockets appear in the sides of teeth, another important object in the Dalinian psyche (not to mention Freudian). 

The new "version" clearly shows the evolution of style, asthetics, complexity and connectedness. The self portrait is done in the style of Dali's famous self portrait in "The Ecumenical Council" . It depicts that anguish may still be present, but the complexity of the  world has evolved. Not only have thoughts, dormant for years, crystalized, but the etherial and real and physical connections to all the elements are now connected to my mind. Neural connectivity is not only better understood 40  years later, but we know that extraordinary stimuli, like this painting, can create new neural networks, which can give you the viewer new tendrils to your own neural netwiork, not only providing a different view of the painting that elicited this growth, but new views of the world arounf you.

The Triumph of Intellect

Anguish           mid 1970's                                              Salvador Dali, self portrait in "The Ecumenical Council"

For the past several years my artistic output has been largely devoted to depicting thought, its origins, forms and capabilities. How the chrysalis of thought forms within the walls of the cranium are born to the world outside the skull, where they can find and expand to their own dimensions. I have worked to give thought form and the fourth dimesion of time in my movie. I not only make the invisible,visible, but show the art, form and beauty of thought. In "The Triumph of Intelect" I show the geological and mineral side of thought. Thought that has crystalized and induced my second wave of artistic output. After 40 years of hibernation, longer than the 17year cicada in its slumber, mathematics and in particular the advent of the three dimensional fractal have inspired new work and this show. The crystals of thought resonate and reach out into the landscape around them. A landscape alien and unrecognizable as it itself has evolved to show its true fractal form. Form which depicts not only mathematics, but the connectedness of all things. Connectedness that happens through the tendrils and root structures that ties much of the surface of our planet together. And those same tendrils which are recipents of the last remenants of our thought waves.

"The Triumph of Intellect" was largely imagined with a three dimensional fractal made with Mandelbulb 3D. The crystal hairpiece was rendered within CInema 4D utilizing X-Particles and Octane

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