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Temple of Infinite Possibility (Portrait of Amber)




St Peters Basilica, Temple of Infinite Possibility

The Pantheon, Temple of Infinite Possibility

While my latest paintiing, "Temple of Infinite Possibility" is very different from all my previous work, I can not help but be amused and somewhat amazed at all that it has in common with thse same works. Offering another step in the continuity and evolution of my own work, it is a logical and rational next step painting.

Here we find the cranium representing the Temple of Infinite Possibility, a logical progression to the thought I had two years ago, that "Only thought can rival nature". This statement is perhaps the most profound that has come to this set of electrical impulses and neural networks. Nature has been over and over shown to be magnificent and unparralleled in its diversity, which is true, until you consider that your own ability to think and the range of thought you are capible of surpasses nature. 

While the thought of the cranium as temple applies to each and every one of us, I have chosen to paint the portrait of my daughter Amber, in this piece, for not only is she beautiful, but I love her very much.

During the renaissance and beyond, master architechs and artists have designed the amazing and sometimes overwhelming cupolas and interiors of the great cathedrals of the world, and especially Rome. While the general line of thought is that these cathedrals and ceilings were designed to depict the glory of god, it can not be denied that these same edifice's of wonder, are testements to the capabilities of man, and the mind. When I constucted the pearlescent cranium , it was in the same spirit that these great cathedrals were constructed. Those great intereior cupolas are the very inside or our skulls. How can such a though not but connotate that we are capable of virtually anything, as has been proved by history, over and over. The opulence of gilted gold and renaissace painting here is replaced by the architecture of 3D fractals. The complexity of which, while admirably contested by the likes of Bernini, Raphael and the like, can not be matched simply due to the magic of modem mathematics (Mathemysticism)

It is my most fervent hope, dear reader, that this painting, as well as the body of my work, inspire you to look deeper, think more, and grow your own neural network. Leading to new and different thought, expanding your own world and views. Thank you for reading this far.



Sea Urchin Cranim, 1974                                    Only Thought, 2013                                       Analog Brain, 2013

Pearlescent  and logarithmic cranim 2015                                                      Only Thought can Rival Nature  2015

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