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The Key to String Theory




When fractal geometry and design become just slightly more chaotic than that used in "Death, While Disintegrating, Contemplating the Synthesized Theory of Reincarnation" (compared to marbelized papers in its writeup),  you will find lines (or strings) with open and closed ends, and in every shape of transition. This elevates the effect from marbleization to that of string theory. Here is where the 4 fundemental interactions of gravitation, electromagnitism, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, take their form and describe a theory hoped to be the theory of everything. Here once again fractal form best describes the unexplainable. String theory not only predicts 10 dimensions, but alternate universes. I will propose here that while each living universe has its own universe, that these universes are intermingled. Folded upon eachother in fractal and chaotic form, which literally makes every one of us a much more complex universe than before envisioned. This also points out why we should take care of eachother, as to care for another is to care for yourself. While 6 of the ten dimensions string theory utilizes to describe all of nature are too smallto be seen or understood, they stand to point out how relevant size matters so much.

Death, While Disintegrating, Contemplating the Synthesized Theory of Reincarnation
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String and Particle Behavior

The Key to String Theory

In my painting "The Key to String Theory" I have tried to visualize and make relevant several aspects of String Theory, While strings have formed my central being it can be seen that an entire spriral galaxy reside within its cranium. Open and closed strings intermingle with the being and the galaxy tieing it to alternative universes. I have used both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional fractals, plus 3D software and particle software to depict my vision of string theory. 

My being, its molecular connections and all of space has been described with strings here,

Software used to make the visualization was JWildfire for the flame fractal that is the background fundemental array of chaotic strings. Mandelbulb 3D was used to depict the cranial formation of nebula, and Cinema 4D was utilized to form the striing being and its molecular definition utilizing X-Particles.

From Wikipedia

String theory is a set of attempts to model the four known fundamental interactions—gravitation, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force—together in one theory. This tries to resolve the alleged conflict between classical physics and quantum physics by elementary units—the one classical force: gravity, and a newquantum field theory of the other three fundamental forces.

Einstein had sought a unified field theory to explain the fundamental interactions within one model revealing the mechanics of the universe. Yet today's search for a unified field theory that is quantized and that explains matter's structure, too, is called the search for a theory of everything (TOE). The most prominent contender as a TOE is string theory converted into [[superstring theory]] with its 6 [[higher dimensions]] in addition to the [[4 common dimensions]] (3D + time).

From Symmetry Mgazine

String theory proposes that the fundamental constituents of the universe are one-dimensional “strings” rather than point-like particles. What we perceive as particles are actually vibrations in loops of string, each with its own characteristic frequency.

String theory originated as an attempt to describe the interactions of particles such as protons. It has since developed into something much more ambitious: an approach to the construction of a complete unified theory of all fundamental particles and forces.

Previous attempts to unify physics have had trouble incorporating gravity with the other forces. String theory not only embraces gravity but requires it. String theory also requires six or seven extra dimensions of space, and it contains ways of relating large extra dimensions to small ones. The study of string theory has also led to the concept of supersymmetry, which would double the number of elementary particles.

Practitioners are optimistic that string theory will eventually make predictions that can be experimentally tested. String theory has already had a big impact on pure mathematics, cosmology (the study of the universe), and the way particle physicists interpret experiments, by suggesting new approaches and possibilities to explore.


Neural wiring of human brain                                                            Another view of Neural wiring

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