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Only Thought can Rival Nature

     Homage to Andrew "Android" Jones




Split Skull "Only Thought can Rival Nature" Sculptures                                                        Original JWildfire Flame Fractal that inspired this painting

Two summers ago when working on the sculptures 

"Le monde réside dans le crâne, les pensées...pas nécessairement: étude sèche"

Translation: The World Exists Within the Walls of your Cranium, Thoughts, need not : Dry

"Le monde réside dans le crâne, les pensées...pas nécessairement: étude mouillée"

Translation: The World Exists Within the Walls of your Cranium, Thoughts, need not : Wet


2nd Title "Only Thought can Rival Nature"

I had the epiphany stated in the second title. Dispite all we are taught about the diversity of nature and all its wonders, there is one thing that can supercede all that nature is, and that one thing is thought. The human mind can not only comprehend nature, discover it's secrets through mathematics and observation, but expand upon and change it. Contemplate for a moment, all that is nature, the diversity of animals and plants, patterns and colors, mathematics and form. You, dear reader, have the capacity to extend beyond all that is nature, that is, as diverse and amazing as nature can be, YOU have the capacity to be more, and do more....the thought itself is quite mind boggling. Therefore, all versions of "Only Thought can Rival Nature", utilize nature in the forms of birds, fish, insects, plants and patterns of nature not only to depict thought but to display just some of  the diversity of thought. Here in the painted version of this profound discovery, I have again used elements of nature ranging from the Blue Whale to insects, plants and coral outcroppings. With these, thought is depicted from the mundane to the exotic. The whale representing the "whale of an idea", to the coral outcroppings, representing ideas that have persisted and calcified over time, leaving their mark in the geometry of the thinkers brain. Within at least one of the coral outcrops resides schools of fish, representing the spawning of many small ideas from the original now calcified one. One deeply rooted idea has sent tendrals deep into the cerebelum and metamorphosized into the shape of an Iris, painted (but admitedly much poorer) after an iris done by my friend Kris Kuksi...(believe me, if its an Iris painting you want, beg Kris to paint one for you)(Link to Kris's site below) A few fantasmagorical ideas have taken the form of the fighting Beta fish, painted from studies done by the amazing Thai Beta and exotic  fish photographer, Visarute Angkatavanich, who graciuosly allowed me to use his studies in my work. (also see link below)

The painting is based on a JWildfire flame fractal. The stripped bare version is posted above to show you where the inspiration came from. I found the complexity and symmetry of this fractal to mimic the complexity of neural networksand the geometrical forms they may take within the thought process. The same woven geometry reminded me of a remarkable hairdo, bringing me to birth the thought of the painting. The same symmetry and complexity at once reminded me of an artist I have long admired, who is advancing the state of the art in digital works and huge projections, Andrew "Android" Jones. Android for over a decade has been at the top of the food chain in 2D and 3D generated fantastic art. I have long admired his skill and techniques and hope to bring some of those characteristics into my own work. While very different from Andrew's work, I have utilized a few of his elements in this work, and painted it also as an Homage to him. From his 2D Corel Painter masterpieces to his 3D projections in Planetariums, Android is a force of nature, and one I give great credit to in developing his unique style. Below are a few samples of his work and again, a link to his website. 

While the picture is quite different from any of my previous works, its roots remain the same, fractals based in the complexity of thought and creativity, with complex organisms representing seperate and unique thoughts. The wonder and beauty of nature which resides within and outside of us all, and perhaps just a little more, in Andrew "Android" Jones. 

EXTRA!! EXTRA!! NEW DEVELOPMENT Over the past several days, I have become aware of the animated picture work of George Redhawk, Follow him on Google plus and look up his work on the web, he is not the next big thing, he is the big thing. Bringing movement to still art that is mindblowing I am honored and so happy to have gotten in touch with him and that he has  done his magic on one of my works. He has promised there is more to come so stay tuned. The motion George brought to my painting is like he lived in my skin, knew my thoughts and did his all to convery the emotion I had in mind when I painted this piece.


Geroge Redhawk added motion to my painting "Only Thought can RIval Nature" to make it convey all the emotion it was meant to.
CHeck out this amazing artists work by following him at

Working on my Homage to Android Jones in a Android Jones T-Shirt. Photo by Diane Markoya

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"Only Thought can Rival Nature" sculptures

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