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MRI (Mathematically Reconstructed Imaging)



I have ofen professed that fractals can recreate most imagery whether it be a classical painting, an abstract idea, or in this case, a medical iimage. The Mathematically Reconstructed Image, recreates an actual brain MRI with the addition of thought patterns and neural activity. The image comes as a celebration to great news I received a short time ago. Through a short series of medical emergencies recently, I was perscribed to have an MRI. One doctor told me I had a brian tumor which was growing out of control and I had to see one of the countries leading surgens for this type of tumor. Since this man is even more than a specialist, I had to wait an agonizing 8 weks thinking I had a growth in my brain that was out of control. Upon my visit I provided complete CAT scan and MRI info that I have had over the past 20 years, to which he came in the room, happy to tellme, there was absolutely nothing he can do for me, as the "tumor" that was such a concern, was actually a small abnormalty on the surface of my skull, which has always been there.

There certainly was a huge relief, and within days the series of flame fractals created with JWildfire below depicted the joy in my misdiagnosis, and correction. The painting is a composite of the three images below to create the coloring I desired for the image. Also included is the animated MRI I included as part of my fractal talk I did for my show at Washington and Lee. It depicts with the slices as a timeline, that "standard" 2d fractals (Mandelbrot and Julia) crept into my brain in the late 80's and my brain was inseminated with 3D fractals in and around 2010-2012. The ramifications are shown as the fractals grow within my cranium, effecting my outlook and work.


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