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And the Gods Made Love, the Sky Spoke to Lee Alexander McQueen








     I have always been aware of fashion, and that it is one of the easiest ways to distinguish yourself in whatever manner you choose. Being an artist, I have sought to identify myself from the masses by dressing somewhat differently. To that end I have designed several pieces of clothing and had them hand made to manifest this distinction for myself.

     Not long ago I visited a fashion show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY,NY. The show was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology". It was simply amazing. At the show, I became astonished by the creativity and skill of  Iris Van Herpen, and Alexander McQueen.  I was not previously aware of the artistry of their designs.     

     These designers were not only amazing fashion designers, but true artists in every way. They raised the entire concept of the human spirit with their clothing. Avant-garde and futuristic do not even come close to describing the work these artists have created.  What struck me first was how fractal the basis of Iris Van Herpen’s designs are. From there, her designs evolved to unique and inspiring.

      Alexander McQueen similarly has designed and made garments that simply extoll both the beauty and intricacy of life. These designers understand the axiom I came up with some time ago and indeed painted a popular work with the title, "Only Thought can Rival Nature"(Markoya,2015). They have demonstrated this truth by making designs that begin with nature, and then take it so much further. Complimenting and extrapolating the natural designs with wizardry. This wizardry comes in the form of exquisite materials and patterns, as well as utilizing modern technology to construct designs impossible until the recent past.



 In my painting, the fractal patterned sky creates funnels, vortices which bring both the grandness and openness of the sky and the clouds, plus the wisdom of nature to the designs of McQueen, who used the inspiration to create garments which can move a person as much as any music, painting or other form of art can. I will display my love and respect for Alexander by wearing designs of his genius.While Irisd Van Herpen now designs only for woman, I await the day I can wear her visions of genius also. The world misses you Alexander.

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