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The Infanta as Velazquez's Strange Attractor



strange attractor


Physics. a stable, nonperiodic state or behavior exhibited by some dynamic systems, especially turbulent ones, that can be represented as a nonrepeating pattern in the system's phase space, these patterns are often fractal in nature


Diego Velázquez’s iconic work “Las Meninas” has long been regarded as one of the most important paintings in Western art due to the profound message that the masterpiece’s snapshot style dissimulates. By simply depicting a pair of reflections amidst a web of complex spatial relationships, Velázquez forever changed the nature of representation in art. Volumes have been written about the work and its mesmerizing embodiment. There are several perspective layouts which are utilized and there has been some wonderment about the receding point of the perspective occurring above the Infanta Margerita’s head. Through the use of a few mirrors, Valazquez introduced a spatial magic unknown of at the time. The King and Queen, who stand outside the painting, and are viewed only in the mirror at the back of the room, are replaced by the viewers eyes, making you, the viewer, royalty, looking over your daughter and domain. The placement of figures, perspective of the room, and the infanta, object of some of the viewers gaze, seduce the viewer into looking around and around the canvas. Always converging on the Infanta, always following the paths of light, perspective and pictorial matter, and the onlooking royal couple. The trajectory reaching far beyond the matter of either perspective and optical tricks generated by the mirrors. In this painting, Valazquez utilized the first fractal perspective in the form of what would be known, hundreds of years later as the Lorenz Attractor. In the diagram on the top right of this page I have overlaid the strange attractor over the painting to visualize the path of the viewers attention, and focus. You will see that while Valazquez has encircled himself in the picture, the continual return to the royal couple in the mirror and the Infanta herself fuses the focus of the work. Here I have transformed Margaret Theresa into a magnifiscent three dimensional fractal, which was ovulated by the discovery of the strange attractor in this most magnificent of Valazquez paintings


It is interesting to note that while done completely separately and at different times, there remains a cosmic connection of this work of mine and my recent Ornamengenatalia of Margaret Therese, as that picture represents the genitals of this very Infanta.

 Velazquez's Perspective Masterpiece explained and undestood utilizing
the Strange Attractor (Lorenze)

The Infanta as Valazquez's Strange Attractor

The animated version of my Infanta was executed by none other than George RedHawk, GIFMAN extrodinaire. George has brought life to the fractal and strange attractor aspect of the infanta in this moving heart beating version. I am glad to have met him through the net and look forward to many collaborations. Look up all of Georges work on Google+

I assure you, you will be pretty blown away

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