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    Apocalyptic Beetles  Homage to Kris Kuksi


Most of us have heard how insects will be the sole survivors in the post apocalyptic world. Here for the first time you are able to witness the first species to be identified of this period. "Dynastes Hercules Kuksi", is a hybrid species which combines the previously known Hercules beetle with a human skull. The reasons for this evolutionary leap are still being researced but initial data shows that by integrating the human skull form into its exoskeleton, the beetle enjoys not only living without known preditors, but a larger cavity for its own brain and digestive system.

The species name came from the strange combination of the beetle and human skull, which reminded observers of another surviver of the apocalypse, the strange but beautiful gothic and baroque sculptures of 21st century sculptor, Kris Kuksi. Two months after the discovery of the first Kuksi species, "Dynastes Hercules Kuksi",another hybrid beetle species emerged, this one evolved from the rhinocerous beetle, and aptly named "Xylotrupes ulysses Kuksi". Both species have remarkable similarities which include some of their exoskeleton being transparent from excessive radiation. Like the Hercules variety, the Rhino is amazingly resiliant and a force to be reckoned with, like their namesake, Kris Kuksi.

I dedicate this work to my fellow artist and friend, Kris Kuski, who, against so many odds, invented an intirely new art form in his complex and often massive sculptures. I met Kris around 2002 or 2003, (When Kris was actually a painter!) when having stopped in a bookstore to browse one Friday evening, I came upon a magazine which had a painting on the cover that floored me. The painting was "Pronation of Christ" by Kris Kuksi. I bought the magazine as it had several other works in an article that featured Kris's paintings and drawings. I was so taken with his art I emailed Kris that night to open a dialog and get to know him, after swapping a few emails that Friday and Saturday, Kris asked where I was in the country, as he happened to be in Washington DC picking up a show in his van. When I told Kris I am in Connecticut he said he'll come by, so that Sunday morning, Kris pulls into the driveway and all up and down the driveway set up his remarkable paintings. While all the work was remarkable, The painting I loved (Pronation) was even better in life and after agreeing to a price I bought it and by noon Sunday it was hanging in the house (after just a chace finding it on a cover of a magazine less than 2 days earlier!!!) Kris hung out for a few days and I pleased to say we have been friends ever since. 

Kris's remarkable rise in the art world has been nothing shot of Herculean, so the naming of this new species is all the more appropriate

Check out a few of Kris's amazing works below, and better yet use the link to view all his amazing accomplishments.

This small token of affection is for you Kris, I am so pleased to be a friend and am proud of all you've done.

Kuksi "Church Tank"                                                              Imminent Utopia-Assamblage Sculpture                                                                    Triumph                             

Kris and I during a recent visit

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