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IntraCranial Landscape with Self Portrait and Complex Neural Architecture




Medical Illustrations of Neurons and Synapse Firing


For most artists, whenever they create a painting they are giving the viewer insight into their world and how they see the subject painted. For the first time in history, I bring the viewer not only into the world as I see it, but physically into my own cranium and brain. In the "Intracranial Landscape", a landscape scene found in my occipital lobe is captured as if there were a security camera installed inside the rear of my skull. I have always felt that an individual lives inside their head, as opposed to living in a state, country, or street address. This is now proven by this snapshot which catches me wandering on a beach in the vision center of my grey matter, while my neural network is captured in a grand architectural formation only Gaudi can rival. The fact is that these remarkable structures are not only soft, but dynamically change with the advent of different thoughts or ideas, morphing in nanoseconds through fractal formations at the speed of light. While the synapse is thought to be an electro chemical phenomenon, relationships between neurons not understood, allow massive amounts of them (neurons) to act together to not only allow a human to function and think, but in doing so form magnificent electrical, chemical, and light emitting structures pictured here for the very first time. The massive fractal archway imaged here is dynamically formed and forever changing.   Capturing stills of nerual formation at  shutterspeeds well beyond most modern cameras. Below are more stills taken during different thoughts, and different times over just a  period of a few minutes. The painting is testimony to the marvel that is your brain, and my attempt to divulge some of its secrets, while simultaniously, provoking new and similar patterns in the viewers own cranium.

While I executed this painting during the summer months, I can not explain why I am wearing my winter coat and hat in my cranium, and will consider explanations as to why in more detail in the future.

MRI images showing where in the cranium and brain the image was found                 Did you know that your neurons carry your signature?                      Me, with painting in the outfit found in the scene

I, myself, found wandering within my own cranium

Like snowflakes, there are infinite patterns and neural achitecture that continuously occur within your brain. Only recently through the use of specialized equipment has it been discerned that the forms are both architectural and fractal. Since the forms continuously change with thought (electrical, chemical and light stimulation) the stills here represent snapshots taken at 1/8000 of a second
All the above stills were taken from slow motion animations rendered in full 3D for a film I am making for my upcoming 1 man show at Washington & Lee, Lexington,Virginia, in February of 2015. Stay tuned for details.

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