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The Exquisite Sense of Immersion







 In this work I have brought the elements beauty and fluidity together in one visual and philosophical marriage.

Here the female form, perhaps in the mind of man the worlds most beautiful and superfluous form. It is s gently surrounded by the ecstatic form of the beta fins which encompass the woman, who, standing in front of a macroscopic white ink in water droplet, is becoming one with her self and her environment.

This is a similar but more fluid version of the ecstasy depicted in the recent painting "The Simultaneous Ecstasy of Feeling Both Everything and Nothing". 

Except for the sky the world has dissolved in this work, and is only capable of portraying the slightest of shadows, as the fluidity of the scene is causing both the liquid and solid to enter into the gaseous form, allowing for even more rococo nuance to the forms of flow.

As discussed to some degree in my paintings previous and leading to this work, the edge of the submerged ink droplet forms transitions of beauty, mimicking the forms in nature which depict ecstasy, such as the fins of my white beta. and the flowing form of the female.

We have here a scene which depicts the beauty and innocence of ecstasy as well as the sensual aspect of ecstasy as form.

The fish again is an inspiration found in Thai photographer Visarute  Angkatavanich's gorgeous book Beta Paradiso, a coffee table book of amazing photos of the majesty of beta fish.

The flowing form of this species fins mimics the creation of dopamine in the viewer, transporting them to the much forgotten but still embedded nirvanic state of intr uterine submersion. And for those moments the universe is a liquid, hallucinogenic and transforming world of pearlescent beauty.




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White ink droplet in water

Book of inspiration

TheExquisite Sense of Immersion

The Fluid And Mathematical Flow of the Soft and the Hard

The Simultaneous Ecstacy of Feeling both Everything and Nothing

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