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Hyperrealist Series - Series of 3 Hyperrealist Paintings on Thought





Hyperrealist Painting of Abstract Thought            Hyperrealist Painting of Concrete Thought          Hyperrealist Painting of Fractal Thought

Hyperrealist Paintings of Thought

IIn both sculpture and painting, my past work has shown and depicted thought in various manners. The neural networks which are responcible for our thought process develop patterns and geometry of their own in the firing and chemical stimulation we know as thought. While all this activity is somewhat fractal, In this series of paintings I will depict three examples which will visualize what the thought actually looks like on the fringes of the interior and outside your cranium.

I have chosen to depict these seperate thoughts in the hyperrealist style, which, because of the nature and mystery of the subject, may not look realist at all. In particular the first of my three examples, "Hyperrealist Painting of Abstract Thought", realism is difficult to establish due to the subject, but here, as in all the previous paintings approaching the subject, the thought is entirely fractal.

While looking as close to Jackson Pollack as I ever want to approach, the electric and fractal patterns of the abstract thought are evident when considered in following the motion of any of several small groups of line and colour that appear in the painting. While advanced imaging techniques are making great strides on imaging electrical and chemical activity in the brain under a large set of circumstances, for the first time I am bringing you how thought extends beyond the boundry of our cranium. showing the architectural and fractal nature of our neural activity. 

While abstract thought represents what might be thought of as abstract expressionism, even the abstract resides within the mathematical world and in particular fractal form. Here thought has been depicted to its greatest detail with the use of flame fractals.

To compose this painting I used Cinema 4D to render the brain which was photoshoped onto a photo I took of a skull medical model. This was then photo-montoged onto the JWildfire flame and reworked for coloring before transferring to a canvas to be painted.

"Hyperrealist Painting of Concrete Thought shows thought having more definitive geometry, and tendrils that connect it to the brain. How these tendrils spawn thought and how the thought expands and spawns new and related thought is all seen clearly in this depiction. The tendrils link the expansive and fractal thought process by passing through the cranium and originating in the cerebral cortex. Like "Hyperrealist Painting of Abstract Thought", Hyperrealist Painting of COncrete Thought breaks new ground in the visualization of thought patterns, and the ramifications of the initial geometry, which, when it expands and flourishes, becomes fractal. The last painting of this series will complete these thought visualizations to further develop and make accessible to all the pictoral aspects of thought, and show the workings of the mind, which in sending out its electricly and chemically induced architecture, refines the initial concept, by pattern growth and osmosis. The permiable membrane of the skull allows for thought to escape, but the size of the neural network keeps it confined, which allows for the re-entry of the tendrils of this thought, to further spark and further explore the thoughts basis.

The fractal program FRAX was used to generate the thought patterns for last two of these paintings. 

The third and last of the Hyperrealist paintings "Hyperrealist Painting of Fractal Thought" depicts the complexity of thought that introverts on itself and in doing so becomes fractal. While all three of these paintings are fractal based, this one shows most clearly how a thought can give birth to several other thoughts by the repetition of the brain and crainium in the fractal structure. It can further be seen that these secondary thoughts can give bith to their own new thoughts and so on.

The series was concieved and executed to allow you dear reader, to visualize an extremely small snipit of the patterens and geometry of thought. 

Your neurons are not only growing new connections as you thik, but these growths and electro chemical reactions form throughout your cranium, the most magnifiscent of patterns. Within the architecture of these patterns lies the secrets of the universe. In years ahead it will even be found that each thought generates its own gravity, and this can attract not only new thought, but other individuals to you or to the thought. The confirmation that gravity exits in waves helps one to conceptualize this concept, and this very graitational phenomina is the main subject of my next painting. What happens just beyond the capabilities of our sences is an amazing and unexpected miracle. I will be trying my best to bring it to you in my work and writing.

New "Glass" Imaging of thought activity                                             Neural network of healthy human brain- top view

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