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The Fluidity Series




Ribbon Eels and Coral Head-Fluidity 1                                Fame Angels and Coral Head-Fluidity 2                          BlueFaced Angels and Coral Head-Fluidity 3

In my previous series of paintings Volumetric Fluid Bodies, I tried to not only evolve Dali's Nuclear Mystical content but to pictorialize Nietzsche's concept of perfect art, art that embodies both the Dionysian and the Apollinian. Here in the Fluidity series, I have taken these concepts even further by actually submerging my subjects and instilling in them the brilliant and convulsive life of the reef. 

Dali's nuclear mystical depictions consisted of molecular patterns and rhinoceros horns, neither of which accurately describe the space between atoms nor the fluidity of matter. As science provides us with more information about the true nature we as artists are able to convey the concepts more accurately and allow the viewer to share the knowledge. 

Since our atoms are busy in their vibrations separated from each other by vast amounts of space and only our senses and perspective of size makes us seem solid, it is not hard to imagine that as entities in the world we have a certain flow, a flow that allows air to travel through our system....were we able to perceive size in this world we would see we are more like masses of particles, like smoke, that move as a single entity. My best way of visualizing this is to contemplate a school of fish, that moves as one. This example best allows you to understand the true nature of our bodies and the flow that occurs within us. It is well known that human beings and almost all of anything alive consists of approximately 60% water, with our hearts and brains consisting of nearly 75%. With this in mind, the concept of flow should be easier to grasp.

As most of my work, this series was conceptualized on the computer, modeled and rendered in C4D utilizing Arnold's unique volume textures as pioneered by Lee Griggs, applied to a female bust that has been volume modeled to have coral for hair.

These paintings relay the powerful message of how fluuid our bodies and lives are and bring the concept of the complexity of the reef into the consciousness of our everyday life. The parallels are strong.

All three of these paintings will soon be made into 3D Holographic Lenticulats


Ever since becoming aware of Dali's Nuclear Mystical works in the early 70's, I have thought the best visualization of the concept of our atomic structure would be observed as a school of fish. Not only do our atoms move as a single body, but by our nature, they have a certain seen by the fish here.




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