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This painting does not in any way or form depict the act of smoking, as the mystical swirls you see, are not a product of the smoke but what the smoke makes visible, the fluid dynamics of every breath you take.


A fractal tongue depicts the essence of this invisible behavior, and projects the myriad of fractal and fluid motion born in your body. The invisible world of each and every exhalation contains the carbon dioxide and oxygen that has taken the trip if visiting every cell in your body, back to the fracal geometry of your lungs and exhaled in the fluid motion that is depicted, for a moment, imagine the forms possible.


While this work has a very different look from my others, it could not be connected more. It is an extension and evolution of works like “The Aural Ecstasy of Beethoven’s Deaf Ear”, and “Basket of Bread: Just Below the Crust”, all of which depict the imagery which occurs just beyond the normal plane of perception.


The world around us is full of incredible geometry, science and magic. It is the job of the artist to make this world assessable to everyone. This is a function lost in much of todays art, which I intend to reinstitute.


The eternal recurrence of your breath, often ignored is testimony to the miracle of life……here it is for you to see, assimilate and contemplate.



Every Breath You Take

The Magic of the Ordinary

Thus Spoke Zarathustra

This Painting has three Titles



Fractal Tongue formed by the fractal and fluid exhalation of each breath

Did you know that every breath carries your signature?

In its Antique frame with curved glass to alow for the arc of fluid breath

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