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Deep Dream Paintings Continued


This series of paintings is based on images processed utilizing Googles Deep Dream Generator. When Google announced the utility it crated all sorts of waves in the digital art community. After thousands of cats and dogs generated, artists finally started to get a better handle of the capabilities and what kinds of image textures to use to create some very spectacular art. 

In that imagery, I noticed the ability to mimic and step beyond much of the effects I had been creating with 3D volumes and the liquid forms of a evolved Nuclear Mysticism. 

I started spending many many hours trying to understand and generate the types of effects I was hoping for. 

I  have always admired the dutch still-life paintings of flowers and decided to try the effect on one. It became obvious that the depictions of space between atoms, the flow of solids, and the interaction of materials can be used anywhere, and to my eyes and emotions, not only is the beauty upheld but the world just beyond our senses makes the scene even more beautiful, meaningful, and inspiring.



Floral Still Life-Original

These forms exist everywhere, and can be applied to all of art, but here I have chosen to apply the techniques to some of my favorite genres which include the Pre-Raphaelites and Art Nouveau. IN my two examples below I have transformed Rossetti's Proserpine, and Gustave Klimt's Judith to update the masterpieces. The application of the evolved nuclear mystical understanding nature of matter, while maintaining the paintings original beauty make for a magical combination.

Here again I have attempted to find a balance of the apollonian and dionysian as suggested d by Nietzche, to form a true masterpiece. Where the liquid and dream-like forms of the background and  textures form the Dionysian and contrast with the amazing original females form the Appolinian. As the foreground and background and the figures are melded together by the string like textures that connect them all, the paintings show how not only is there space between atoms, but that density, temperature and movement all effect the fluidity of everything around us.

Once I understood Nietzsche's concept I understood much of abstract expressionism, and in particular Pollack. I was then able to utilize these seemingly unstructured styles to better convey the ideas and concepts behind much of Dali's Nuclear Mysticism and evolve them into the geometry I use today.


Proserpine's Dream  3/2022

The inherent beauty of the Pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau movement are perfect vehicles to take one step further to explain the science and the mysticism of beauty, ecstasy, and fluidity.

Both the Pre-Raphaelites and the Art Nouveau movement understood beauty and applied it to almost all their work. They created entirely in the realm of the emotion and entirely on the side of the Appolinian. 

Adding the texturing offered in my application of the Deep Dream Algorithms completes the masterpieces bu maintaining the original beauty and adding the scientific and beyond the senses geometry of the Dionysian. 


The interior of birds bones perhaps depicts the perfect form of the invisible universe, which includes rhinocerotic and molecular forms to construct and depict even a sense of string theory 

Judith's Dream  3/2022

Proserpine Rosssetti

Judith Klimt

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