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Deep Dream Paintings


David's Dream, Oil on Canvas, 30"x60" Louis Markoya 4/20201

This series of paintings is based on images processed utilizing Googles Deep Dream Generator. When Google announced the utility it crated all sorts of waves in the digital art community. After thousands of cats and dogs generated, artists finally started to get a better handle of the capabilities and what kinds of image textures to use to create some very spectacular art. 

In that imagery I noticed the ability to mimic and step beyond much of the effects I had been creating witg 3D volumes and the liquid forms of a evolved Nuclear Mysticism. 

I started spending many hours trying to understand and generate the types of effects I was hoping for. 

Here I have used the utility to bring an entirely new look to Michelangelo's David. 

The textures I chose to use on the image produced not only the liquid flowing of the background, receding it into the swirling of clouds and sinew, but it also created the baroque features that define David's body 

While working on the painting I realized how well the software mimicked and evolved many Dali characteristic qualities in his religious and Nuclear Mystical works




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Besides the liquid and baroque details I added through the Deep Dream program, I decided to bring the stature to life by suspending several airborne swatches of cloth bringing an entirely new live and dynamic feeling to the work. David now seems alive and enveloped in the

complexities of life. The few pieces of antigravitational cloth seem to lift the massive marble sculpture and make him alive and elegant. 

Here again, in David's Dream, I have attempted to find a balance of the apollonian and dionysian as suggested d by Nietzche, to form a true masterpiece. Where the liquid and dream like forms of the background and body textures of David form the DIonysion and contrast with the baroque ornamentation and stoic marble form the Appolinian, Add the lifelike suspended cloth and we have a composition that explores many world in many ways.

Once I understood Nietzsche's concept I understood much of abstract expressionism, and in particular POllack. I was then able to utilize these seemingly unstructured styles to better convey the ideas and concepts behind much of Dali's Nuclear Mysticism and evolve them into the geometry I use today.


Evening Dream, Oil on Canvas, 30"x60" Louis Markoya 6/20201

When Salvador Dali depicted dorm utilizing molecular structures and rhinoceros horns in the 1950's he was bring to the viewer's attention what was known then of nuclear form. Dali was enamored with the logarithmic curve found in many places in nature including rhinoceros horns.

In studying Nietzsche I learned he felt a true masterpiece combines aspects of both the Apollonian and Dionysian. With the Apollonian representing classical beauty and the Dionysian representing Chaos.

I realized for the first time that abstract expressionists, and perhaps Pollack in particular, represented the Dionysian. this allowed me for the first time in my life to have an appreciation for abstract expressionism, and that it can be used to create something more new and wonderful.

In the evolution of my work, I have continually tried to evolve and depict Dali's vision to become more modern and refined. In doing this I realized that the same geometry as it became more and more chaotic and dense looked more and more like Pollack's chaotic drippings and represented the Dionysian. 

In previous work, I used that geometry to act as a volume to form a more classical representation of beauty. 

Here I have gone further to depict that all of space has form. Our senses and conception of scale disallow is the magic of all the form that occurs in many densities all around us. Here I have used fractals and organic forms to recreate the invisible that occurs all around us, every day in every inch of our world. Just beyond our ability to sense,




Dali's vision of form in space 


Evening Mood Bouguereau


The interior of birds bones perhaps depicts the perfect form of the invisible universe, which includes rhinocerotic and molecular forms to construct and depict even a sense of string theory 


The Study for David's Dream started it all for the Dream series paintings. The study was accomplished digitally before any of the paintings were done and inspired me to use the methodology further to explore how I can evolve Dali's Nuclear Mysticism in the forms I discovered in my experimentation. I loved the study and wanted to paint it but would have never completed Davids Dream and Evening Dream for my Leepa SHow had I done it first. So I picked it back up over the past month and here is the evolutionary piece that started it all.

Study for Davids Dream 18"x12"  3/2022

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