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Thermo Nuclear action of Multi Core Mitosis leading to the Ascension of the Cross, Christianity Rescued

Second Title

Tabernacle of the Nuclear Christ
Latest step in the evolution of the Nuclear Mystical Cross

I have always loved Dali's Nuclear Mystical work and have found the crosses very moving. Dali painted the Nuclear Cross in 1952 and the Hypercube cross in 1954. In the early 70's I started a cross to meld the design of the two. When I showed a photo of the unfinished painting to Dali he was angry that I was spending time on my own things and not his. While I was happy with how the cross was coming out, it sat unfinished and remains the same today. 

Evolving the cross is a massive if not impossible undertaking, but when I started working with 3D fractals I was sure it was the answer to a modern, nuclear, massively complex vehicle for Christ. 

My hybrid fractal cross is seen as a still life, even though it is in the midst of convulsive and molecular de and re composition. It is only through such an image that Christians can understand that christ resides in each molecule of their body, and not as an outside entity. The splitting open of the tabernacle in the center of this cross also reveals the past strength of the Catholic church in its stacked gold. The Vatican and Fort Knox in one.

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