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       "The Effect of Gravity on the Love Between the Moon and the Ocean", utilizes flame fractals to depict gravity, and all its wonders. The painting also depicts the major erotic theme of the short script Dali and I wrote based on a full moon evening and the coming to shore of horseshoe crabs to mate (See script by pressing Movie script button below). 

       While we all know what gravity is, and that every solid body has its own gravity, have you ever taken the time to try to understand how complex and wondrous gravity is? Now dear reader, you will not need to because here I have done not only the deep thinking, but by putting paint to canvas, I  have shown the world how even this simple scene is affected by the complexities of gravity.

       When you think of the effect of gravity on objects close and near, you rapidly find why it is one of the mysteries of science. What can be considered the closest to gravity, and itself highly complex, is the study of fluid dynamics.We all have heard stories of how the full moon affects the brain. For example, the origin of the word lunacy whereby the powers for the full moon induce erratic behaviors. Since humans are between 50-65% water, we are affected by the tides and moon phases .

        There are scientific studies linking moon phases to the brain, heart, epileptic fits, menstruation and many other physical effects, and many studies of the effect on eroticism, which is  an integral part of the story told in this painting. For the first time see this effect in the diagram below the painting.

The Effect of Gravity on the Love Between the Moon and the Ocean






This same elongation of gravity is the driving force of physical desire during the waxing of the full moon

The Effect of Gravity on the Love Between the Moon and the Ocean

Marcel Duchamp "Étant donnés "                                            Bernini's "Ecstasy of St. Teresa"

       The effects of gravity and the tides have on genitalia are not well known and have not been documented until now. It is this exact force that drives the script of the Dali movie. An erotic tale with ties to Un Chien Andalou where the desire of the earth, here depicted as the female, is satisfied by the crashing and receeding of the engorged waves created by the full moon.

        The full moon which also arouses the horseshoe crab to come to shore and mate. The same crab that after centuries of feeling the effect of gravity, has evolved into a form with extensions pulled out and elongated by gravity. The female figure is covered in the thick and viscous foam of the waves which forms a warm and submersive blanket of ecstasy.

       This painting makes visible the amazing wiorld which exists around us at each and every moment, just beyond our senses. The intricate and interleaved effects of gravity look truly like the chaotic and liquid forms of fluid dymanics, and while they are tied to the forces emitted by their nearest body, break into forms and forces seemingly out of nowhere. 

            The female figure representing earth has ties to both Marcel Duchamp's "Étant Donnés", and Bernini's Ecstasy of Saint Teresa. I represent the mystery and bliss depicted in these other works in my painting "The Effect of Gravity on the Love between the Moon and the Ocean". 

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