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The Fluid and Mathematical Flow of the Soft and the Hard

(Fractal reconstruction of Bouguereau's Dawn)






     When William-Adolphe Bouguereau painted his beautiful painting "Dawn" in 1881 he had intuited fractal geometry, fluid dynamics, the discovery of DNA and Nuclear Mysticism. While critics of the time labeled the work as simply romantic, it and may of Bouguereau's works offer so much more.

The ascending flow of the feminine mystique is depicted in such a way as to render the viewer emotional, taken by the beauty and form of this liquid moment.

To prove the liquid, ascending and fractal aspects of the work, I have below included four ink drop specimens which can be said to contain all of the geometry; female and fractal of both Bouguereau's version and my modern fractal version.

       The swirls and vortices of the ink form the figure, its drapery, the movement and flow of the fractals of my painting.

       The fractal while highly mechanical, still offers the same form and flow as can be seen by comparing the original Bouguereau on the left to the fractal background on the right.

       In this combination of the organic and mechanical, it can be seen as the same liquid dynamics event. One where all of the geometry is ascending. 

       This quality of ascension is closely tied to DNA. The double helix of DNA acts as a ladder for this earthly being to rise. 

       Bouguereau used the beauty of the female form to express not only romantic emotion, but the flow of life. The essence which flows through us all and connects us whether we approve or not. It is the same as the hairs standing on your neck when you hear a beautiful or powerful musical passage. It is the overwhelming emotion that connects everyone at a funeral, or a wedding. 

        Here I have showed again that fractal geometry is the string that connects us all, as well as everything around us. 

        This painting is another of my fractal reconstruction series which substitute fractal geometry for major parts of well known classical works to demonstrate how mathematics is relative to both the old and the new. This work will also be offerd in a limited edition full size Super Holographic Lenticular Print.

Comments/Review from Paul Chimera, blogger at and author of the book, Dali & His Doctor: The Surreal Friendship Between Salvador Dali and Dr. Edmund Klein (available at


Salvador Dali protoge Louis Markoya melds the classic "liquid fluidity" of Bouguereau with Markoya's interest and insights in modern fractal science. In doing so, he echoes the genius and vision of Dali, who so successfully paired his interest in science and religion/mysticism. Moreover, Markoya takes to a new level the optical work Dali explored in the Spanish master's holography and stereoscopy. Unfolding now is a modern master's work, doubtlessly ahead of its time, pioneering new frontiers and pushing fine art to previously unknown visual phenomena.

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