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Divinity Born Within the Confines of a Renaissance Cupola (Bernini's Muse)

Bernini's Baldacchio, St Peter's Rome                                           Dali's Birth of a Divinity

The effect of spending time in Rome, among the works of Masters

After my first visit to Rome, it is not hard to understand why Dali committed to classicism after visiting the Pope, and subsequently, the cathedrals and churches of Rome. It is an experiance all aspiring artists should have, as it is likely to make you do one of two things

1. Burn your supplies knowing you can not come close to the known masters of art....or

2. Try all the harder to make an attempt to approach the brilliance of these masters, inspired by the monumental beauty they have produced.

Standing in front of Bernini's masterpieces in the Borghese, or at the foot of the baldacchino in St. Peters, one disappears, becomes part of the ether, looking at how this man made feathers and flesh from marble, and the incredibly powerful monument to St. Peter that is the baldacchino tooled from bronze, guilted in gold, with its logarithmic spiral colums, perhaps Bernini was the one who foretold of DNA. While I'll have more to say about this shortly, the only modern artist who either compares to or in some cases surpasses these masters, and all the classical masters Dali so revered, is of course Dali himself. Standing in front of Tuna Fishing, Discovery of America, Assumpta corpusculararia lapislazulina or so many others you are transported, perhaps you'll break down and cry, as you are met with a fundamental overwhelming emotive force, where you can disappear completely

My piece for the first time blends elements of Dali with Bernini, (with just a slight acknowledgement to Ernst Haeckel with the crown urchin, as Dali acknowledged him in Assumpta)

Bernini's muse is evident in much of his work, not so much as can be recognized, but in a metaphysical manner, unlike Dali's many incarnations of Gala.

The great architecture of the Renaissance, including the many amazing churches and cathedrals of Rome, house a spirit of beauty, for which most can only experience as an ultimate woman(or man) or through orgasm. But there are places in the mind and human experience which are much more deep, intense and mind boggling. Rome, Raphael, Leonardo, Bernini and yes Dali, can transport you there.


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