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Becoming one


Becoming One represents an evolution and a deeper understanding of how our bodies, molecules and atoms interact with our surroundings. The concept starts with the fact of the space between atoms and how things we perceive as solid are for the most part, far from solid, but fluid, changing and interexisting between objects.

Becoming One depicts our central figure becoming both the sky and the landscape. Through utilizing the complexity of complex fractals this theory not only becomes presentable, but beautiful, combining as Nietzsche desired, combining the Apollonian and the Dionysian. Here the networks found int the earths  mycorrhizal network interacts with and becomes one with the molecular and neural network of the figure. Here even the sky is linked to the subject by running its simple cloud formations through Artificial Intellegence algorythems to more closely mimic the structures found in the main subjects extrmities to intertwine them in the action and essence of Becoming One.

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