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Major Show Announcement I will have a spectacular new show at the IMAGINE MUSEUM, Downtown St. Petersburg, Feb. 3, 2024 - July
"IMAGINE DEEPER: Into and Beyond your Dreams"



Even the most worldly art connoisseurs are acknowledging that, when it comes to the work of St. Petersburg artist Louis Markoya, they have simply never seen anything quite like this anywhere.

What “this” is spans a remarkably innovative approach to art, allowing it to leverage optical technology and mathematical principles – plus a dash of classicism – in order to create a whole new way of thinking and perceiving subjects not normally covered in artworks.


Markoya, who worked and collaborated for six years with the celebrated Spanish Surrealist painter Salvador Dali, is committed to melding classical painting techniques and subject matter with the latest fractal and lenticular technology. 

While distinctly his own, the Dali influence can clearly be seen in the work as the artist feels he is creating both continuity and an evolution to the work he did with Dali.

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