This work encompasses from 1970-1980

In this gallery you will find my very first oil paintings and the works I prepared for Dali to show him I was a painter. In addition you will find the work I did while protege' to Dali.

Recent Work (2003-Present)

This Gallery includes recent works. From the first new pieces I did in 2003 to present. I had always assumed that I would start painting and creating again in ernest upon my retirement, but am happy with the work that has started to transpire

Computer Art and Fractals

In the 80's I was one of the leading Computer Artists and did many Magazine Covers and articles. This was mostly done on the AMIGA, for the time the most graphics computer available with a whopping 4096 colors. This evolved into a love of the technology and in particular fractals, which I am sure, Dali would use extensively were he alive today.

Projects started or done with Salvador Dali

I met Dali in 1970 and started working with him in 1971, in this gallery are some of the things we worked on together as well as their stories.

Computer and


Recent and

Current Work

Early Work

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Work with Dali

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Louis Markoya

The Continuity and Evolution of Surrealist and Nuclear Mystical Art  

 Former Protege' to Salvador Dali'