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Lenticuar technology has come a long way from the winking eyes you got n cereal boxes or undressing of people on pens. The latest technology allows viewers to see 3D imagery without the aid of glasses or a viewer of any kind, all in glorious color, meticulously matched to the original oil paintings. The first results of months of perfecting and utilizing these methods are offered here. These limited editions not only give you a beautiful hand signed copy of these powerful and admired works, but all in 3D. While the lens is under 2mm thick, the effect looks like you can put your hand right into the surface of these prints 8-12 inches, while other objects in them float in space in front of the canvas. Each print comes with a Certifcate of Authenticity, as well as a complete description of the Lenticular  process, how it works, and how to care for the works. Having worked with Dali with ROWLUX plastics, Stereoscopic drawings, paintings and holography, I know that he would have more than LOVED to have had this capability. These 3D prints will amaze and delight you and anyone who sees them. 

I am offering these truely different and beautiful Lenticular Limited Editions at a low introductory price for a very short time period, (around a month). If you have ever wanted a piece of my art, or have the notion you might enjoy something really spectacular and different, there will never be a better time.  Along with your Limited Edition, you will receive a certificate of Authenticity, and a Lenticular technology sheet with maintenance instructions.

These prints really need to be seen to be appreciated as the 3D and technology is quite outstanding. People want to put their hands into and through the images, and others have even reported that they think they can fall into them. I will continue to try and develop a way for you to see them in 3D on the website so you can begin to appreciate their groundbreaking effect. Should you have any questions regarding these Limited Editions, please feel free to email me at I will try to be prompt with all answers.

I will make every effort to keep a few of these in stock but waiting times up to 3 weeks are possible if I have to reorder. I will advise at or before order if you desire.

While almost all pieces on the site are for sale, I am especially pleased to bring you this new technology. For availability or pricing on originals or Dali material, please contact me through the contact page or simply write an email to Serious inquiries only please.

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