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Macroscopic VIsion Beyond the Senses of Vermeer's Lacemaker


Continuing with the Deep Dream Generators ability to be used artistically, and while still being able to develop Nietzsche's ideas of combining the Apollonian and the Dionysian, I decided to visit Vermeer's Lacemaker, to fulfill Dali's attemp at describing the underlying geometry as Rhinocerous horns. If you have followed the previous paintings and explanations of this geometry and how I am trying to depict the subtle nuances found in the fluidity of matter and their interactions with the objects or matter they come in contact with. This is a macroscopic look beyond the sences showing how density, form movement, temerperature and external forces change the composition on a microscopic scale of everything we are surrounded by.

In 1955 when Dali asked the Louvre permission to make a copy of the Lacemaker, he set up in the museum only to draw a series of Rhinocerous horns which put the focus of the work on the gaze and needles of the Lacemaker. These forms were painted to allow the viewer to see and better understand the underlying geometry and tension in the painting. Dali was basing his interpritation on his return to classisism and Nuclear Mysticism", which tried to interprit and describe the space between atoms.

My version looks much closer and takes in account what is known today in the worlds of fluid dynamics and string theory.


Vermeer's Lacemaker


Dali copy of Vermeer's Lacemaker


Paranoic Critical Study of Vermeer's Lacemaker

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