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In the Beginning







One of the jobs of an artist is to bring to the world imagery which expands and complements the mind of the viewer. Memories of our intrauterine state are very rarely spoken of and even more rarely depicted. Here for the first time, I have utilized fractals to depict a world every one of us, no matter what our class, upbringing, or nationality, have all experienced. This world, the world of the womb.

      Approximately nine months of each of our lives has been spent in this wonderland which represents so much more than is normally contemplated. While much of this time is spent while our senses are developing, there comes a time when we can experience this world in all of its majesties. In 2014 fractals allowed me to pay homage to the vagina with my Ornamengenitalia pair. Those two images not only showed how revered the female genitalia should be but described how the entire Baroque and Rococo movements came to be. Again in 2014 I also produced the painting "IntraCranial Landscape with Self Portrait and Complex Neural Architecture". It brought the viewer into the world of intracranial architecture. Shapes that come and go instantaneously as our neural networks form thought. My painting, "In the Beginning", the imagery I have produced not only depicts this world but allows each and every one of us the opportunity to bring back the memory of the womb.

"In the Beginning"

      Dali devoted an entire chapter in his book "Secret Life of Salvador Dali" to intrauterine memories. In it he describes this paradise in detail, and the many ways he and Freud suggest that it can be remembered, and situations that could bring the memory back. Dali professed that pressing the fists against one's eyes brought on the intrauterine vision of two pearlescent white swirls with bright orange red centers. Dali's first memories of an egg like vision. Dali would not hesitate when asked about the intrauterine state to say it was paradise, thus paradise lost was attached to being born. However, as much as Dali liked to describe, talk, and write about the intrauterine experience, he never depicted it specifically. Many feel there are references to this memory in several paintings, but nothing explicit.

     In this painting, in the "medium" of the womb you will find the symbols of the entire universe, life, and death. The womb is a miraculous place to reside explicitly because while you are there, this defined organic and anatomical encasement represents the entire universe. To the child in the womb there is nothing else.  With no cognizance of space and time, language, or anything the external world offers, the womb has the dimension and wonder of the universe. It is only natural that the biological elements of this world are fractal. As this space represents the universe to its occupant, I have depicted spiral galaxies to represent the universe in it. Since the world of the womb is the only world that exists for the fetus, and that a mother supplies nutrients and the abode in utero, I feel that each and every mother, for this period of time, represents everything, a mother to all that there is to their offspring. 

       The womb is a miraculous, warm, safe and paradisial place, and I agree, to be born is paradise lost. While birth is a natural progression of a fetal state, leaving it is traumatic, with or without the memories of the reassuringly comfortable state. 

      So here, for the benefit of each of you, this painting is to act as a reminder, a swift kick in the shin of your memory of the paradise that is the womb, and all its wonder, and to have you spend just a little time contemplating this state. A state where you know no limits, nor space nor time. No language, no schedule, nothing.......and here is a very valuable secret for you. Should you now, or ever be a practitioner of meditation, try to focus, on returning to the womb for your meditation.  A time when you did not have appointments, responsibilities, or even know a language. You will find this to be the perfect vehicle for your meditative state, one which will allow you the quietness many find so difficult to achieve. If you transport yourself to the womb, where you did not communicate by words....and the inner chatter, (if done correctly) can not exist.


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