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The Geometry of Innocence






The Geometry of Innocence is both a look to the future and a solidly connected line to the past with acknowledgement of my master Salvador Dali with an update of his etherial masterpiece "Blood is Sweeter than Honey". My fractal version utilizes coloring and Nuclear Mystical aspects found in Dali's "Tuna Fishing", to define the hook of the painting, the pubescent teen.

The Geometry of Innocence draws the viewer in with its aspects of beauty and then retains the viewers attention with the question posed by the paintings title. Is the geometry of innocence the nude, the towering thunderhead (which of course is also fractal) or the fractal geometry which is dynamically forming the seductive youth. Wherever you settle in this quandry, there is always more to consider.

Some time ago I got as a gift the Bob Dylan albums named "The Best of the Cutting Edge 1965-1966" an era I am particularly fond of. Listening to the song "Tombstone Blues" I hear the following lines and was very taken

The geometry of innocence flesh on the bone
Causes Galileo’s math book to get thrown
At Delilah who sits worthlessly alone
But the tears on her cheeks are from laughter
I knew immediately that I was to paint a picture named "The Geometry of Innocence". I even had a rough idea of the subject and composition, it was a matter of finding the perfect geometry, not only to depict innocence, but to make reference to Dali's "Blood is Sweeter than Honey" not only greatly admired by me, but also depicting innocent sensuality to me.

The Geometry of Innocence

Blood is Sweeter than Honey, Salvador Dali

Tuna Fishing, Salvador Dali

In painting the chaotic and turbulent flesh of the female figure I noticed patteren that were familiar, but not because they were fractal in nature, but because this chaos, and fractal formations are extremely reminicent to the chaotic, pop and nuclear forms found in Dali's Tuna Fishing. Without knowing it, Dali painted fractal geometry in a great number of his works, it is the underlying math he was so enamoured with, and simply drew rhinocerous horns, or cauliflowers to depict the essence of the geometry he saw in his visions. Rhinocerous horns and cauliflowers are both highly fractal. This is yet another reason that Dali was well before his time, and also a reason I checked with Benoit Mandelbrot, the "father" of modern fractals, to see if Dali had and contact with him, which he did not.

I also thought that the youthful vitality of this female figure also had ties to Dali nudes as seen below.

The Geometry of Innocence reminds us of the magic that occurs all around us, the magic of fluid motion that is creating the most amazing things ever imagined. These manifestations have been tried to brought to light by what is called the VIsionary Art movement, but few of these painters are actually visionaries. Turbulent and fractal flow happens at scales within and beyond our perception to make the magic that is life, the magic that has inspired artists and scientists to explore and create.

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