From 1971 through 1975 I met and worked with Dali 2-5 days a week in the winter while he was in New York. In 1976 I saw him a few time and then only spoke by phone in later years. In 1974 Dali invited me to come to Spain and help him set up the museum the Spanish Government was setting up for him. I spent a month in Spain with some time spent at Dali's house, and most of the rest over the hill in Cadeques. This area will chronicle those times with stories and anecdotes. I will add to these stories as time provides and I am motivated, please check back regularly.

Early Tasks

Horseshoe Crab Discussions

Flying Fried Eggs

The Mysterious 35


The Night the Models Saved Me

Marilyn Mao

Louis Markoya

The Continuity and Evolution of Surrealist and Nuclear Mystical Art  

 Former Protege' to Salvador Dali'