Dali Artifacts and Signatures

The images below represent many of the artifacts and signatures ollected while working with Dali. They are presented here for historical and educational purposes. I will update this area as time permits and when I come accross more of these gems. The artifacts are located in a gallery where you can scroll through them, the book signaures are linked to their cover photos independently.

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Louis Markoya

The Continuity and Evolution of Surrealist and Nuclear Mystical Art  

 Former Protege' to Salvador Dali'

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Wheat Apparatus

Just before one Knoedler opening Dali gave me the chore to find lots and lots of plastic wheat fronds. I tried and tried, but could not find plastic wheat anywhere. During this search I presented him with the Homage I did for him in Rowlux. In bringing it up to his room, he started yelling and yelling that I was not spending my time on the right thing. The right thing was pictured in this drawing, wheat fronds attached to little springs which would blow chaotically in front of a fan.