Dali Artifacts and Signatures

The images below represent many of the artifacts and signatures ollected while working with Dali. They are presented here for historical and educational purposes. I will update this area as time permits and when I come accross more of these gems. The artifacts are located in a gallery where you can scroll through them, the book signaures are linked to their cover photos independently.

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Louis Markoya

The Continuity and Evolution of Surrealist and Nuclear Mystical Art  

 Former Protege' to Salvador Dali'

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The Dynamic 3D Clock Prototype

This particular Rowlux film has the lens in only one side of the film as opposed to both on most of the films they make. So a single sheet has no optical effect. But put one sheet of this on top of another, and turn it and the effect goes from nothing to very large and back. Since this delighted Dali he felt we could make a clock where the movement of time would change the optical effect....and at each time there would be a different complete Dali signature...the proto here only had 7 time slots