"The Dissipation of Thought (Electroencephlic Falloff)"


Oil on Canvas 30"x16" 






"the Dissipation of Thought (after the Storm)"   


Electrical Storm in Cumulous clouds                         Electrical storm in Cumulous Clouds                            Depiction of Electrical Storm in Brain                 Depiction of Electrical Storm in Brain         

The normal day in the life of a brain is a tumultuous and marvelous exhibit of low level electrical activity and thought architecture that occurs constantly. This activity, which is happening at lower levels than can not be easily monitored with modern technology, can be seen as a never ending storm. The kind of storm which forms and is the great red eye of Jupiter. This never ending chaotic and convulsively beautiful storm is very much like the storm of our thought, which occurs daily for our entire life. (It should be noted that when a strong and uncontrollable electrical storm occurs in the brain it is called and causes a seizure- the electrical storm caused by thought alone is at a much lower level) In several earlier works I have in one way or another depicted the fact that thought is not confined to the cranium. This painting not only depicts the electrical storm like action of thought, but the "cooling off and dissipation" of a particularly intense thought. 

The action of thought causes an almost never ending low level electrical storm in the brain and neural networks which , depending on the intensity and duration of the thought extends the electromagnetic field caused by the thought beyond the confines of the cranium. My latest work depicts the dissolution and dissipation of a major thought, and the beauty in the turbulence that ensues. The convulsive action of the neural magneto cloud folding in on itself as the architecture of the thought collapses creates a fluid and fractal chaos, which will end up like wisp’s of smoke that disappears into the ether. There is a tie in the dissipation to Dali’s soft and melting watches, nit obvious, yet strong.

Red Eye of Jupiter Storm

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