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In 1975 or 76 I was present when engineers brought one of the first computer graphics systems to the St Regis in New York for Dali to see. It was huge, clunky and had very limited colors and resolution, yet like most technology, Dali liked it. The engineers were in shock when he told them, thank you leave it, they exclaimed it was $500,000 and he could not have it. Dali threw them out and that was it....but I was hooked. I owned a personal computer as soon as I possibly could (Atari 400 first). I learned about its graphics capabilities and how to use machine language to create Display List Interrupts just to add a little more color to the screen. When the Amiga was introduced by Commodore, it boasted a special mode which allowed 4096 colors on screen. Serious art could be displayed and generated. With this tool I resumed my Dalinian painting, but digital. I learned ray tracing and 3D object creation. I did covers and articles for several magazines and was considered one of the top computer artists in the field. Several software companies used my work to advertize their products as well as Commodore and all the software companies at the time, sent me their graphics offerings hoping I would use it creatively. I went on to form a software company (Computer Imagery) that sold textures and surfaces for 3D software's Silver and Lightwave. (Surface Master and Map Master) Below are examples of my work in this era, which has links to my current interest in computer graphics and fractals in particular. Try to remember that these early works were all done in the late 80's early 90's and were state of the art. Photoshop and sophisticated 3D did not yet exist.

Louis Markoya

The Continuity and Evolution of Surrealist and Nuclear Mystical Art  

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