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Algo-Rythmic Heart






Somewhere between the tsunami of electrons which form our thoughts and intellect and the chemical reactions which drive our emotion lives the Algo-rythmic Heart. This heart of the mathematician is completely fractal. This 3D fractal was designed in Mandelbulb 3D, and demonstrates that the organic shapes possible with fractals are infinite, and accurate and tuned to our body and our lives. This body of work demonstrates how intimately fractals are intertwined with our lives. Every fractal beat of the Algo-Rythmic heat and every neural firing weaves the comples and chaotic nature of fractals into our lives.

The composition is filled predominantly with the heart, Algo-Rythmically formed by a 3D fractal program, Mandelbulb 3D. This is framed by an iris, for reasons I have yet to understand or discover. Throughout the composition and through focus via bocah are B-Lymphocyte cells, again, for reasons I have yet to understand, but will add details as they are made clear to me. These were formed in CInema 4D and rendered with X-Particles.

The Algo-Rythmic Heart is simply a base factoid on how fractals exist in parts of your life, you had not imagined. The beating animated Algo-Rythmic Heart will be made into a 3D lenticular soon.

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